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Antalya Province: the tips on how to live and how to rest

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey attracts millions of tourists. If you ask people coming from Turkey where they have been, their answer will be Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Side or Belek. These are the most popular directions. The holidays spent there are associated with the pleasant pastime. And the most popular phrase is all-inclusive. Everything is really included: the gentle sun, the warm sea, delicious food, exciting excursions, dreams that come true. That is why people are willing to return there. And some of them do return: they buy property to have an opportunity to enjoy the Turkish Riviera more often or even to get a residence permit in Turkey.

For those who go on holidays

Antalya is a province where rich history is combined with modern life. Here you will be impressed by the mixture of ancient ruins and modern hotels, preserved nature and human-made parks.

If you are tired of lying on the beach, you can learn the history of Turkey and its culture by observing numerous monuments carefully preserved on the coast of Antalya.

• The Red Tower (Kizil Kule), the symbol of Alanya, opens the doors of the ethnographic museum to the visitors.

• In the Aspendos Amphitheatre you will feel as a participant of the grand theatrical play.

• If you are searching for peace and relaxation, walk through the streets of ancient Phaselis and Mahmutlar.

• Romantic people can find the rainbow in the splashes of Duden and Kurshunlu Waterfalls.

• Visit the Mini City Museum where you can feel like Gulliver among the Lilliputians.

• You can satisfy your interest in animals and fish in the Zoo and the aquarium in Antalya.

• Families with children can spend a wonderful day in the Sports and Recreation Centre, Kepezpark in Varsak.

Here everyone can find something interesting to do and one visit cannot cover all! By the way, you will have plenty of time if you decide to move there for permanent residence.

For those who are getting a residence permit

If you have already got the residence permit, that means you have already bought a property and you don't have to stay at a hotel. Now you have enough time to get to know all sights of this wonderful region. However, a hotel accommodation and permanent residence are different things. To live in a foreign country requires the knowledge of local laws, respecting the traditions and customs of this country, observing certain behavior rules.

Here are some examples of these rules.

1. Clothes. However, Turkey is a secular state, Islamic traditions are very strong. So, try to be modest in clothing, especially in towns and small villages. In big cities people tolerate only tourists. And you are no longer a tourist.

2. Behavior. Be careful with what you are shooting. If you suddenly took a photo of a person, ask his or her permit to use this photo. It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol in public places. Be careful when talking to a woman. If there is a slight shadow of immorality, it can turn out to be a big problem. Control your gestures. Not everything that is normal for us will be accepted in Turkey. But you can surely feel free to bargain.

3. Religion. Be extremely careful with everything connected with religion. Take off your shoes when entering the house and dress appropriately when visiting religious sites.

4. Services. In Turkey it is common to give tips which are usually from five to ten percent from the cost. The credit cards are accepted to pay tips.

These are just small examples of what you can face in Turkey if you decide to choose the country for permanent residence. Perhaps, at first, you will need some legal advice or psychological support or some household advice. In Antalya there is a Russian Community where you can meet immigrants from Russia. Their number is constantly growing. So, you won't feel alone.

Moreover, you can always contact the "Multivilla" Company. We support our clients even after making a deal.

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