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The "Empire" Residence - luxury residential complex in Turkey

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The construction will be completed in 2017

Here you will find everything for the comfortable and enjoyable rest. The luxurious and exquisite interior, the impeccable service, the well-developed infrastructure – here you will learn the ROYAL way of life.

The “Empire” Residence in Alanya is an exclusive project of “Multivilla” Company. It is a premium-class residential estate which was awarded as the best project at the European LUXURY LIFESTYLE AWARDS.

This project is under construction now. The construction will be completed in March 2016. But you can make a profitable investment right now buying an apartment in this complex.


The “Empire” Residence is a complex of innovative solutions

  1. The solar know-how
     The heating and hot water will be provided by the energy produced by the solar panels. This system reduces the costs for exploitation of the building. This is the first time when such technology is used in housing construction in Alanya.
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  2. The Smart House System
    The light in the room is switched on only when you are in the room. It helps to save energy. You can operate this system with your mobile phone.
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  3. Noise and heat insulation
    Only high-quality materials are used in the construction of the building. Due to this fact, the residents and the guests of the “Empire” Residence are drawn into comfortable and private surrounding, calm and cozy place hidden from prying eyes.
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  4. The all-inclusive apartments
    You buy an apartment where everything is included – furniture, kitchen appliances, curtains, household items, lighting equipment, carpets. The only thing to do is to choose the interior which will suit your taste. The unique feature of a studio in “Empire” is the “ceiling bed”. The special mechanism lifts up the bed to the ceiling. A cozy sofa is left when the bed is up. It’s convenient, functional and original.
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  5. The best location
    The “Empire” residence is located on the front line of the Mediterranean in the center of Alanya. It is close to all services needed to the comfortable living: restaurants, shopping facilities, clinics, schools and kindergartens, pharmacies, fruit and vegetable markets.
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  6. Luxury style
    "Empire" is our exclusive project which was awarded by LUXURY LIFESTYLE AWARDS. The concept of this project is to make a perfect place for comfortable premium-class living.
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The creators of this unique project did everything to make the life of people who will live there extremely comfortable. Spacious rooms, high-speed elevators, large swimming pools, playgrounds, sauna and green zones – all these things are for enjoying the best quality of life.


How the "Empire" Residence will look:

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Here you can see how the construction works go on:


See all photos of the construction process


Apartments in the "Empire" Residence – your profitable investment

The apartment in the “Empire” Residence is not only a piece of paradise by the sea, but it's also a profitable property investment in Turkey.

The facts are clear:

• 100 percent
You get 100 percent guarantee by investing in one of the most reliable modern projects.

• 12-25 percent
You can get 12-25 percent profit per year using Turkish property as investment.

• Five years
Your investments will be paid off in five years.


"Multivilla" will help you to make profitable investments and to move in to unique housing residence by the sea

Our company has more than 10-year experience in the property market in Turkey and we know the law peculiarities. We are ready to help you to choose the best investment strategy for you.

Our company provides:

  • Free property viewing tour
    You can have property viewing tour at any time. Our specialists will meet you at the airport, they will provide you a transfer and an accommodation, they will show the object and present the full information about the apartment in this residence.

  • Early booking on favorable conditions
    The earlier you make the investment, the more money you save.

  • Full legal support
    We will do all paper work for you.

  • Help in adaptation to the Turkish life
    We will help you to learn traditions and customs of our country so that you will be able to enjoy the life in the resort town.

In the feedback section you can find the information on our clients' experience.


You can buy your house by the sea right now!

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