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Noise and heat insulation to protect your comfortable living in the "Empire" Residence

When you enter your apartment you want to feel the atmosphere of coziness, comfort and tranquility.

Apartments in the "Empire" Residence are the ideal home in this sense. It is always warm, calm and cozy inside. The secret is that we use only modern, high-quality thermal and noise insulating materials at the earliest stages of construction.


5 insulating properties which create comfort

Choosing the materials for walls insulation we, first of all, take into account the peculiarities of the Mediterranean climate and the following insulating properties:

  • The thermal conductivity is an ability of the material to transfer heat. The temperature in winter can be 5° c that is quite cold. The central heating in the Mediterranean is the extreme rarity. The heat loss of the walls is about 30 percent. Taking into account these facts it is worth to take the opportunity to keep the heat that will also help to make savings of energy on heating and in the summertime on conditioning because the insulating materials are perfect to keep the set temperature.
  • Hydrophobicity (waterproofing properties). The Turkish climate is very humid, the humidity on the Mediterranean coast can be up to 73 percent so that material shouldn’t be moisturized after the contact with water vapor.
  • Strength and durability are very important characteristics when selecting the insulating material.
  • Fire resistance. Security concerns are one of our priorities.
  • Noise insulation reduces the level of the noise coming from outside and provides privacy of each apartment.
  • The thermal insulation of the walls used in the Empire" Residence is an example of the European concept of rational use of the resources and the essential element "all-inclusive" apartments.

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