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Multielektik solar panels – first experience in housing construction in Alanya

The Multielektrik solar panels which will save the electricity costs will be installed on the roof of the “Empire” Residence. This technology is used in the housing construction for the first time.


How does it work?

The solar panels convert the solar energy into electricity. With the help of these solar panels the lighting of public areas within the complex and free hot water will be available.


The efficiency of the solar panels in Turkey

Turkey has a great potential to use these solar panels. It is the second country after Spain.

It is not surprising. The climate and the location by the sea are perfect conditions to have wonderful holidays on the beach and also for efficient utilization energy resources.

According to the Ministry of energy and natural resources of Turkey, it will be real to obtain 380 kWh annually in the nearest future with the solar panels. It is even more than the country actually needs.


What are the advantages of the solar panels for the residents of the "Empire"?

  • Lighting savings
    According to specialists of Multielektrik, the amount of electricity produced by the solar systems will be enough for swimming pool heating and lighting of public areas of the complex.
  • Hot water savings
    The solar panels will provide free hot water. Due to this fact, there is no use in a instantaneous water heater which requires high energy expenses.

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