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The system “Smart house” – you only need to push one “magic” button.

Have you ever dreamed about the house where everything acts on behalf of the owner? Just imagine that you don’t have to remember to switch off the lights when you leave the room, everything will be done on its own. It’s not a fantasy or a scene from the film.

It’s the apartments in the "Empire" Residence which are equipped with the fully automatic system and everything works as if by magic.


The technology

The secret of this technology is in a special remote control system "Smart Home". The key element of this system is a controller which receives signals from various sensors and gives the commands to the executing element. All main life support systems – lighting, heating, conditioning, ventilation, and also audio-and video units and security systems submit to the "Smart Home". You can set different behavior scenarios for specific systems or select certain actions to the desired time.


The advantages of the system


1. Savings

Sustainable use of the resources gives opportunities to save electricity, running water and heating costs for about 50 percent.

How does it happen? The light and other electric appliances are switched on only when you enter the room. The rest of the time they don’t work. Moreover, the controller regulates the temperature in the apartment. And significant cost savings are derived from the use of the solar panels.


2. Security

The special sensors react instantaneously to the fire, gas-leak, and flooding detection. It also detects a breakdown of equipment, intruders and other threats to your facility’s security. The signal goes straight to you and the emergency services.


3. Comfort

It is hard to resist the apartment with comfortable temperature, the lighting switched on and off when it is needed, automatically open and close curtains, the watered lawn and favorite songs playing at the touch of the button.

That is all about premium class life. No more words, you should try it on your own. Multivilla’s specialists will tell you how to buy an apartment in the “Empire” Residence on favorable conditions. Don’t hesitate to call us: +90 (242) 512 20 32, WhatsApp & Viber +90 (536) 985 34 28.

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