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Laws in Turkey



Family law in Turkey

If you are going to stay in Turkey for a long period willing to buy property, get married, open your business or seek employment, then you need to know the main Turkish laws. However, it is also important to know the legislation of Turkey to avoid getting into a trouble even if you are a tourist and you are going to spend one or two weeks in the country.

The laws in Turkey which control everyday life of its citizens do not actually differ greatly from the laws accepted in other countries. However, there are some peculiarities which you should better know in advance. For example, it is forbidden to smoke in the street, all public places and public transport, otherwise you will be fined. And mount Ararat is a special military zone and you shouldn't even take photos of this mountain.

But special attention should be given to the laws, which for example describe the procedure of buying property in Turkey, marriage and divorce procedures, employment procedure and taxation system. This is particularly important because there can be differences for locals and for foreigners.

Turkish laws in English with comments

In this section, you will find current Turkish laws in English with comments from our specialists. We inform you about all recent changes in the laws, therefore you will always be aware of new laws in Turkey.

You can find the following laws on our site:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Turkey
  • Criminal Code of Turkey
  • Family law in Turkey
  • Civil Code of Turkey

Laws and acts concerning foreigners in Turkey

However, the Turkish legislation is rather extensive area and it is almost impossible to study every question thoroughly. If you have any problems with new laws and acts or an unforeseen situation arises and you need some legal advice, you can always contact our specialists.

Our professional Multivilla team will help you understand the nuances of the Turkish property legislation and will answer all your questions concerning legal aspects of buying real estate. Contact us via online chart form or dial +90 (242) 512 20 32, WhatsApp & Viber +90 (536) 985 34 28.

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