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Apartments in Turkey: European-level comfort at affordable prices

Are you thinking about buying an apartment at the coast of the Turkish Riviera? Then our company will make your dream come true. The "Multivilla" Company is a developer and a real estate agency at the same time. It means that we work without intermediaries.

Buying an apartment in Turkey, especially in its resort zone, is popular among foreign tourists. One of the most attractive regions is Antalya, the cleanest region from the viewpoint of ecology. Antalya is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains protect it from the cold air and the pins saturate the air with healing effects. All these attract people to have holidays or even to live here.

Our specialists will help you:

  • To buy an apartment in Turkey
  • To rent a flat for holidays
  • To deal with paper work
  • To get a mortgage in Turkish bank
  • To equip your new lodging

What benefits do you get?

  • You get the most current information on apartments in residential estates under construction and already constructed ones;
  • You will be supported by our specialists 7/24;
  • You can observe the real property assets: penthouses, apartments and studios for sale, by ordering a property viewing in Alanya. We will meet at the airport and provide you an accommodation in a hotel. Furthermore, if the deal is made, we will compensate airplane tickets costs;
  • You are insured against risks. Our specialists analyze risks possibilities and our company is also insured;
  • We provide full legal support of transactions of purchasing an apartment in Turkey;
  • You can get a mortgage in a local bank. We have favorable conditions in DenizBank, our reliable partner;
  • You can contact us even after buying an apartment in Turkey. We can equip it, help you to adapt in the new country, to rent a car and even to organize entertainment.

Feel free to ask any questions you have: +90 (242) 512 20 32.

Apartments for sale in Turkey

The constant growth of real estate sales even during the period of economic crisis and political uncertainty is an evidence of the investment attractiveness of this kind of property, its wide range and affordability.

Antalya is a place where you can find all these conditions.

  • Investment in property which is located in the most picturesque and environmentally clean places of Turkey is definitely profitable. You can easily sell it in several years or you can simply rent it out. But if you buy the apartment in order to live there, then it’s the best investment.
  • The residential property market in Antalya is full of different offers. It’s one the fastest developing regions. Rapid construction of residential estates is still ongoing here.
  • If you compare the property prices in different regions, you will see that the prices in Antalya are the most affordable. Want to buy an apartment in Turkey? So, it’s the ideal variant. In addition, the property in Turkey is cheaper than in most European countries.

Types of flats for sale in Turkey

Modern apartments, which we offer for sale, are a part of residential estates. The residential estate includes several buildings with common territory and infrastructure: a swimming pool, sports ground and playground, park zone, café and restaurants and Turkish sauna.

Flats can be studios, duplexes and apartments.

Studio is a one-room flat with a kitchen connected to the living room. There is also a balcony there.

Duplex is an accommodation with two levels which are connected with stairs or an elevator.

Usually they are located on the upper floors (penthouses) or on the ground floor and have two or more bathrooms.

Apartments usually consist of several rooms. The most popular option is 4 rooms. Pay attention to a room numeral identification: 1+1, 2+1, 3+2. The totals are the number of rooms in the apartment and each numeral means the number of bedrooms and living rooms. The layout is always individual. The kitchen can be connected with the living room or can be separated. The next feature of Turkish apartments is a big balcony. It can be even bigger than the room itself.

"Multivilla" offers apartments to customers with different incomes. Contact us today:
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