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Investment property in Turkey

Regretfully there are no objects in this category yet, but you can contact our managers to find the best offer for you.

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Start investing in Turkey's property with calling Multivilla. Our company is an experienced developer, which will offer you an investment profitable housing option in a developed area, which attracts thousands of tourists. Call us and we will help you to make efficient investments in Turkey's property.

Real estate in Turkey as investment

Overseas investments in Turkish property increased up to 20% in 2015 comparing with the previous period and in 2017 their growth has continued. And Antalya took the second place among the cities with the highest growth rates of property prices. Such data provided by the statistics agencies allow to assert that investments are justified by an income that you receive.

How profitable are investments in Turkish property?

You can calculate how much profit you will get from investing in Turkish property taking into consideration the following points:

  • annual 25% growth of real estate prices;
  • the price of the investment property you have chosen;
  • receiving additional income from renting your new home out.

On average, a new home pays off within 4 years if you make a wise investment in Turkey's property.

Have any doubts about your investment opportunities? Call us today and we will make a detailed report on investment return rates of a housing option.

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