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Secondary housing in Turkey

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Secondary property in Turkey

If you are looking for the cheapest property in Turkey, then you probably should explore the secondary property market. Buyers strongly believe that the prices in Turkey's secondary market are of economy-class category and start from 20 000 euros and they can find great options at this price range. Contact us and we will tell you the real prices and help you to buy cheap secondary housing in Turkey.

Property in Turkey – secondary housing without intermediaries

If you purchase real estate in Turkey without intermediaries, there is a chance that secondary property will be your biggest disappointment and a real waste of money. You have a risk to face with a dishonest intermediary seller who resells others' property without having a right to do it. The other major risk is when you are trying to find an extremely cheap property in Turkey, you may actually get secondary housing of a very poor quality, it may have a bad location or be in poor condition.

A safe and rather profitable option to buy property in Turkey is cheap secondary housing which the Multivilla developer offers. We provide to our customers a selection of high quality housing options, strict control of secondary property we sell, ensuring you a deal without any fraud.

Secondary property in Turkey for sale

If you want to buy secondary housing in Turkey now, Multivilla has a great option for you: prices of 2017 in the new catalogue. Thanks to a large number of housing options, keeping prices stable, cooperation with property owners, we have managed to avoid abrupt pricing change and offer you reasonable prices.

Tell us about your property preferences and we will discuss in depth the prices and other features of real estate options.

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