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Property rentals in Alanya – a worthwhile alternative to the hotels

Alanya, one of the most romantic resorts of the Mediterranean in Turkey, hosts tourists from different countries all year round.

What accommodation do you usually choose for your holidays?

There is nothing better than hotels, - you would say. And you will be right in some way. The conditions of accommodation in most Turkish hotels are very comfortable and pleasant and with reasonable prices. However, after enjoying the hotels with luxurious rooms, friendly staff and rich Turkish traditional cuisine, Russian tourists prefer to rent an apartment or a villa in this country.

The “Multivilla” Company offers you the hottest property deals in Alanya.


Why is it more convenient to rent a property in Alanya?

We can name you at least five reasons why to choose property lettings in Alanya.

1. You can save your money. You can find a lot of different cheap apartments and villas to rent in Alanya. They are cheap because most of them are situated on the second coastline. It means that they are not so close to the sea.

2. It is reliable. Renting a property, you will be sure that you won’t have any problems with check-in upon your arrival, which the tourist may have because of not very trustful hotels. When you choose the property you like, you pay the reservation fee and the rest of the money you pay when you arrive.

3. It is convenient. A renting house is a perfect place to spend your holidays. All of them are fully equipped: modern household appliances, tableware, modern furniture and sleeping gear. Moreover, if you rent a flat in the residential estate, you can feel like you stay in a hotel. Modern residential estates have well-developed amenities. It includes swimming pools, spa and fitness centers, children’s playgrounds and other facilities.

4. It makes you feel free. When you stay in a hotel, you have to follow certain rules that the hotel has. It also means that the menu is rather restricted, though it’s “all inclusive”. It usually turns out that you spend the whole day within the hotel and only rarely going out for the excursions. While renting a flat, you can feel maximum freedom of choice. You discover new places, new people and the traditions of the country you visit.

5. It is affordable. The property market in Alanya is much bigger and more diverse than the hotel market. You can rent a property of different kinds (an apartment, a villa, a townhouse) for any period, from several days to several years.

If you still doubt, just contact our specialists. Our company will help you to make you the right choice. We will find you the property you want. Contact us by phone +90 (242) 512 20 32, WhatsApp & Viber +90 (536) 985 34 28, by e-mail or by the online form on our website.

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